LothLorien Stewart makes handmade hoop earrings in her jewelry studio.

Mostly Sweet. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Mostly Sweet Jewelry designs are inspired by the character of the place I call home, Yosemite. I feature handmade hoop earringscrescent moon necklacesnature-inspired designs and a simplicity collection. Each piece is handmade from precious metals for those who will adore it too much to take it off.

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Mostly Sweet has been my go to jewelry shop for a number of years, and it was upon seeing crescent moon that started my love affair. The moons are elegant, comfortable, and I love them. I will often sleep in mine I often give them as gifts to the amazing women in my life. I feel when I give them I am giving a gift that embodies goodness; gorgeous craftsmanship and connection to the the beautiful Sierra. I have had a number of interactions with LothLorien over the years and her customer service skills are perfect. I am so thankful to have found Mostly Sweet.


Cleaning Copper Jewelry with Ketchup

How to clean copper jewelry with ketchupA few years back, my stepmom Annie was visiting and her heavy copper cuff bracelet was quite tarnished. Instead of asking me to use my professional jeweler toys (a tumbler, rotary tools, stacks of polishing cloths or crockpot full of hot citric acid pickle) she just opened up the fridge and pulled out the ketchup bottle. Within a few minutes, she had restored its orange copper shine.

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Caring for Copper Jewelry

Copper Crescent Moon NecklaceYour beautiful copper jewelry, which started out so shiny and sparkling, has gradually lost its rosy luster. Over time, the jewelry has become chocolate brown - maybe even black. What is going on? Tarnish. Learn how to prevent and remove tarnish from your copper jewelry to restore its original shine.

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Need help choosing the ideal hoop size?

Printable hoop size guideWhile recently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my son, I thought quite a bit about Willie Wonka's nifty invention, Wonkavision.  If only there was a way to zap some actual hoop sizes into an online shoppers hands. After careful consideration of the problem, my team of Oompa Loompas has found the solution.

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See my handmade hoops in action with this new video

Mostly Sweet Jewelry's hoop demonstration video
If you are one of the women who has never had the chance to wear endless hoops before, this video is for you. In just a few minutes, this video will teach you about my handmade hoops, including how to put on and secure the closure.

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