Single Elliptical Hoop in Silver or Copper

Follow these three steps to determine the correct replacement hoop to complete your pair:

Step 1: What size do you need?
Use one of the following methods to determine hoop size:
a) Search your email for a receipt from Mostly Sweet Jewelry, or
b) Print the Hoop Size Guide and find the size that matches your hoop, or
c) Measure the outside diameter of your hoop and match it to the size photo.
      Step 2: Which side do you need?

      Lay your hoop down with the finish side up. Compare the configuration of the clasp with the side photo to determine which hoop you still have (right or left). Be sure to order the other side to complete your pair.

      Step 3: Which metal do you need?

      Select either sterling silver or copper to match your hoop.

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